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Australian artist Joseph Tawadros plays oud at Odeon Theatre in Amman

Australian composer and oud player Joseph Tawadros Tuesday evening performed a concert on oud at the Odeon Theater in downtown Amman.

The Australian Ambassador, Bernard Lynch, who attended the concert, valued in a speech he delivered the cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Antiquities in holding this ceremony.

Lynch added that the Australian embassy would donate to the “Thareed” initiative, supported by a charity located in downtown Amman to combat hunger and malnutrition.

He talked about Tawadros, whom he described as a “creator and one of the most prominent oud players in Australia,” adding that the artist’s music “embodies” the cultural diversity in Australia.

Tawadros played the “dreaming home” and an-inspired piece by the poems of Gibran Khalil Gibran and pieces in an unconventional and different style.

He played a piece titled “Permission to Evaporate” and a piece inspired by when he was on one of his visits to Paris next to the well-known Gare de l’Est.

He played the Waltzing Matilda, an Australian folk song in an oriental style, concluding the evening with the bluegrass piece.

The embassy-organised event was attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry, Imad Hijazin, and the Director General of the Department of Antiquities, Bilal Balaawi.

Source: Jordan News Agency