Unsettled weather expected, heavy rainfall with potential flooding

The Jordan Meteorology Department (JMD) on Tuesday issued a comprehensive weather forecast, highlighting an anticipated shift in weather patterns across the country.

A relatively warm day is expected for most regions, accompanied by varying cloud cover at different altitudes. However, as the afternoon progresses, the kingdom is poised to experience a transition to unsettled weather conditions. Cloud cover will increase gradually, leading to sporadic rain showers scattered across the country. Commencing from the southern areas, these irregular rain spells are anticipated, coinciding with moderate southeast winds occasionally gaining momentum.

As night falls, a cooler and moisture-laden air mass will sweep in, transforming the atmosphere into a partly to mostly cloudy setting. Predictions indicate a steady and consistent rainfall pattern, potentially intensifying at times in specific locales.

The weather department issued cautionary advisories concerning several potential hazards. Flash floods, rising water
levels in valleys and low-lying regions (including the Dead Sea area), thunderstorms, hailstorms, slippery road conditions due to rain, and intermittent low visibility owing to dust, particularly in desert areas, are among the highlighted concerns.

Wednesday will witness a noticeable drop in temperatures across the Kingdom, hovering around seasonal averages for this time of year. The weather is forecast to be partly cloudy, and relatively cold in most regions, while remaining mild in valleys, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. There is a possibility of scattered light rain showers in northern, central, and eastern areas, with moderate westerly winds.

Thursday’s weather is expected to maintain similar patterns with partly cloudy and relatively cold conditions across most regions, with the valleys, Dead Sea, and Aqaba experiencing milder temperatures.

Today, temperature ranges will vary significantly. In Eastern Amman, temperatures could reach highs of around 22C and drop to lows of 11C, while Western Amman might expe
rience highs of about 20C with lows of 9C. Moving north to the highlands, temperatures will range between highs of 19C and lows of 8C, while in the southern highlands, it’s a bit warmer, reaching highs of 22C and lows of 9C. Aqaba in the south tends to be relatively warmer, with temperatures reaching highs of 30C and lows of 18C.

Source: Jordan News Agency