Jordan, France hold talks on agricultural sector

Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hneifat received a French delegation on Tuesday that included the French embassy’s economic advisor, the head of the Union of Potato Seed Growers and Producers, and a certified expert in potato seed diseases.

The meeting covered a number of agricultural issues.

The French delegation expressed gratitude for the Ministry’s cooperation with the French government, as well as their participation in discussing the feedback on instructions regarding diseases of potato seeds imported from France, as well as the Ministry’s interest in forming a specialized committee of professionals and those interested in examining the feedback.

Hneifat, for his part, expressed the ministry’s readiness and interest in cooperating with the French government, particularly in the field of agricultural and non-agricultural exports, because French products are reliable and have a good reputation.

Hneifat said that the national plan for sustainable agriculture supported the expansion of food production a
nd that the ministry had contracted with investors to establish six plants to manufacture potato fingers.

The minister emphasized that Jordan’s producer of this commodity will be able to compete because its production costs are lower than those of its European counterparts. This will increase the volume of industrial potato seeds imported and absorb the surplus from local production, which will be advantageous to both parties.

The meeting was attended by specialists in the ministry’s plants sector.

Source: Jordan News Agency